Henry Sibley Band World’s Finest Chocolate Fundraiser

The Henry Sibley Band is selling World’s Finest Chocolate $1 candy bars. Band student’s can purchase a case of 60 bars at a time for $31. The bars cost 50¢ each and are sold for $1 each. The students will earn 37¢ for their band account and the band will earn 13¢ from each bar sold. Students will be responsible for selling the bars and collecting the money. The proceeds must be turned in before they will be given another box of bars to sell.

Candy bars may not be sold by students at school during the school dayl!

Candy bars will be distributed near the band room on select Fridays in the morning before school starts between 8:10 – 8:30 am. Students must have a check made out to Henry Sibley Band Boosters in the amount of $31 or pay via credit card on the Charms website before they will be given a case of bars.

The sale will run through to the end of the school year. When the student decides to stop selling and all money is turned in they can either keep their initial $31 investment in their band account or be refunded that amount.